About us

The resort by the Elektrenai Sea


The new resort by the Elektrenai Sea invites everyone to rest and spend their time pleasantly.

Hot sauna, spacious dining room, bedrooms for 6 and 10 people, parking space, playground and a pier are waiting for you.

There is the perfect place for the rest, to celebrate family feast or for the solemn dinner.

Here you will find everything you need for your perfect rest. We offer qualitative flatware, new bedclothes, a variety of indoor and outdoor games and activities, bikes, a boat, and even a surfboard; we are also gladly accepting the ones willing to boat or fish and to enjoy a picturesque nature. Here is the perfect place for fishing, as the sea is full of fish!

The Elektrenai Sea is one of the few water bodies in Lithuania where you can ride water motorcycles, speedboats or submarines J. Its not necessary to have your own boat, water motorcycle or any other water transport. Everything will be appointed by our partners from extremedelight.lt

We invite people who want to book a short -term place for their rest and everybody, who want to spend a romantic evening with their dear people. Couples or small companies will feel very comfortable here.


If You like the various rest:

     To a golf field -10 km;

     To a go-kart race tracks -10-20 km;

     To the nearest water wake park - 40 km.

The Lithuanian weather will never spoil your mood -You can always will think of educative cultural activities:

     The Trakai castle  is 30 km away;

     The Rumsiskes Lithuanian folk museum -40 km;

     The museums of Vilnius or Kaunas -50 km;

     The city of Druskininkai (snow arena, the Grutas park, SPAs) -130 km;

     The Hill of Crosses near Siauliai -210 km;

     The Baltic Sea is 260 km away.

The resort is rented only for you – there won’t be any other guests at the same time.

The price fluctuates depending on different factors:  the season, the day of the week and the number of people. The price starts form 60€. Feel free to contact us: we like to talk!

We would like to emphasize that our resort is located in a sleeping area, so you can expect a quiet holiday. As the same time our street community expects the quietness from the guests in the evening or at night. Thank you for your comprehension.

Our guests get a special 10% discount at the restaurant "Perkūnkiemis".